Na afloop::

Time for Max: (TV)

It was very nice to see you. Working in our programme. You did great!

Center Parcs (about a cartoon of a picture):

Great, thank you very much. This is exactly what we had in mind.

cartoon naar foto

Arjan van Dijk Groep (about digital cartooning):

You were a great success last Friday in Houten, it was continually busy around you and the customer loved it!


TNO (about bellydrawing:

Everyone was very satisfied. I heard your "act" was a great success.

cisco skype

Cisco (about digital drawing on a telepresence system):

I understand that drawing last Wednesday was hugely successful. Thank you once again!

Lijbrandt B.V. (about iPad caricatures)

Thank you. I think it's a beautiful drawing. Unbelievable so many people can be drawn in one night.


On behalf of all (caricature drawn) customers and employees of Misco, I would like to thank you for yesterday. It was an extremely original idea from which we will have many pleasurable moments!. Once again, many thanks!







Caricaturist mingles while drawing on a wireless tablet

Tablet Cartooning

Positive Cartoons!

Bellydrawing   iPad Cartoons

Positive hero


Girl on Cebit

The whole party can enjoy the caricature projected live on the big screen. Facebook friends can also see the cartoons of all of your guests !

Radboud can move easily among your guests and prints can be made wirelessly. The result can be emailed, shown on the big screen, and the drawing can be placed directly to your own Facebook Page. (more...) 


In 2008, Radboud invented belly drawing:

An hilarious act where the artist draws your face on his own belly (with a T-shirt in between) (more...) 


This is drawn on the iPad.

Walkabout caricatures are wiresly sent to a small photoprinter.

Visualisation   Cartoons    
rijkswaterstaat visualisatie Angela Merkel en Hollande Heroes on a caricature

Another view on the matter. Live in brainstorm sessions, symposia and meetings. (more...) 


Political cartoons, the entire company on a new years card, a colleague is leaving. (more...) 


These positive drawings are printed on 4 inch buttons.






iPad cartooning

Tijd voor Max

RAI, Amstardam

Love & mariage, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht


Caricaturist works on paper or rapidly in black and white

sneltekenaar op apier

Of course, everything started began with paper. Marker and ink are the materials that you can directly and dynamically apply to paper . In black and white or in color.

A caricature in color takes 7 minutes. With black pen and gray ink can take only 3 minutes.

Cartoonist Radboud can be mobile, but he can also create a cozy (French) corner.

It is also possible to let your guests choose between a quick portrait or a cartoon? This can be alternated.


Read more about drawing on paper

  Radboud is a member of enprofilenprofil

The association of portrait artists.

Works with:

Jill Hesketh en Christel Schols. en